In today’s world, strategy evolves from the world of bought media, to one where earned and owned media often play the lead strategic role. Brands are becoming ‘always on publishers’, broadcasters even. This asks for new approach in commercial communication. Where content is becoming more king than ever, the creation of high-quality content for every step in the customer journey (whether inspiring or explanatory, for getting attention or driving sales and loyalty) is key. Simply said, but an art and profession in itself. Yune now has 9 years experience in doing just that: developing digital (video) content that origins from the needs of the consumer, in stead of pushing advertising over the web. Telling appealing stories in stead of pushing messages. It takes another way of thinking, creating, producing and distributing. Our core services: – developing content strategy – creating platforms, engaging content and online (activation) campaigns – content distribution (paid, owned, earned), including social advertising – conversion orientated thinking Our USP’s – both strategy and hands-on production in-house – all content creation / production in-house – huge in house video & animation department – strong social media knowledge – fully adapted to todays brand needs foor fast and creative always on content


  • Video
  • Content distribution
  • Online (activation) campaigns
  • Content Strategy
  • Social advertising
  • Social content